Useful Links for Japanese Language Teachers and Learners

みんなの教材サイト (Minna no Kyozai saito)
This website introduces a variety of teaching and learning materials.


エリンが挑戦!日本語できます(Erin ga chosen! Nihongo dekimasu)
This is an on-line audio language course for those who   would like to start learning.

アニメ・マンガの日本語  (Anime Manga no Nihongo)
This website is developed to learn the words, phrases and conversation that often appear in anime and manga.

NIHONGO eな (Nihongo iina)
“NIHONGO eな Portal for Learning Japanese” is a site dedicated to introducing all kinds of websites and online tools useful for studying Japanese!

寿司テスト   (Sushi Test)
This is an on-line test page to evaluate your vocabulary level

日本のことばと文化 MARUGOTO(Nihon no Kotoba to Bunka MARUGOTO)
From this portal page, you can access websites providing various resources, learning supports and purchase information.

日本語能力試験 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) 
The official website for JLPT 

日本語教育通信 Nihongo Kyoiku Tsushin)

This website provides Japanese-language teachers, in particular those overseas, with information on teaching materials, teaching ideas for the classroom, current topics in Japan, the situation of Japanese-language education both in Japan and abroad, and so on.

 JF日本語教育スタンダード (JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education)
This is a tool to consider how to teach and/or learn Japanese language and evaluate its outcomes.


 みんなの「Can-do」サイト(Minna no‘Can-do’site)
A database showing degrees of proficiency of Japanese language skill

   “Hirogaru”, get more of Japan and Japanese
                                        A site for learning different things about Japan and the Japanese language through your own interest.

  みなとJF Japanese e-Learning
                           JF Japanese e-learning Minato is a Japanese Language learning platform provided by The Japan Foundation.