Greetings for the day!

We now have the dates for the Japanese Film Festival. So buckle up your seats and choose your favorite Japanese Films with English subtitles.

Date: 28th Sept- 3rd Oct 2018

Venue: PVR Select City


No prior registration required.

Please get the tickets at the PVR Select CityWalk box office.

You can get the tickets an hour prior to each film.

You can also see the Trailer of the films from the link given below!


 Film Schedule for JFF (13 films)

Day 1: Friday, 28th Sept.

19:00 -Opening event-

Yakiniku Dragon (126min./Drama)

Day 2: Saturday, 29th Sept.

14:00 Chihayafuru -Kami no Ku (111 min. /Drama, Sports)
16:40 Chihayafuru -Shimo no Ku (112 min./Drama, Sports)
-Talk event with Dir. Koizumi of Chihayafuru-
19:20  My Friend “A” (129 min./Drama, Suspense)

Day 3:  Sunday, 30th Sept.
14:00   Lu Over the Wall (102 min. /Animation)
16:20   Chihayafuru -Musubi (128 min. /Drama, Sports)
-Talk event with Dir. Koizumi of Chihayafuru-
19:20   Mixed Doubles (119 min. /Romance, Sports)

Day 4: Monday, 1st Oct.
16:40  Color Me True (108 min. /Fantasy, Romance)
19:20  Perfect World (102 min. /Romance)

Day 5:  Tuesday, 2nd Oct.
14:00   Laughing Under the Clouds (94 min. /Action)
16:40   Inuyashiki (127 min. /Thriller, Sci-fi)
19:20   One Cut of The Dead (96 min. /Horror, Comedy)

Day 6:  Wednesday, 3rd Oct.
19:20   The Crimes That Bind (119 min. /Mystery, Thriller)

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