Arts and Cultural Exchange

The Japan Foundation carries out programs to introduce various aspects of Japanese culture and arts, and to contribute to international society through the arts. The programs aim to foster the general public’s interest in Japan and to promote the understanding of Japan abroad. The areas of programs include projects for mutual exchanges between Japan and foreign countries, international co-production, and people- to-people exchanges.


1.Applicant’s affiliation (individual or organization)

Some programs are designed for individual applicants, while other programs are for organizations. Regarding organizations, a voluntary organization without legal status can also apply for some programs, but is requested to attach documentation certifying its establishment (e.g., Articles of Incorporation) to the application form. The events should be in India.

2.Eligibility of the applicant 

(1) Applicants must have the capabilities necessary for implementing the planned projects.

(2) Applicants must not be commercial organizations.

(3) The receipt of grants or support from the Japan Foundation must not violate any laws, regulations, or ordinances.

(4) When applicants are organizations, applicants must have a bank account in the organization’s name in order to receive grant money from the Japan Foundation.

3.Application Method

Please download attached Application Form and Terms & Conditions. Fill the Application Form and send it to us by post with the

necessary materials.

Submitted applications will be judged in our office and decisions will be communicated.



Read the terms and conditions and submit acceptance and payment forms

The Japan Foundation fixes the terms and conditions for each of the Japan Foundation’s programs in supporting the project. The conditions are contained in the “Terms and Conditions of Grant” section attached to the notification letter of acceptance. After reading the conditions, please notify the Japan Foundation of your acceptance using the designated form.

Implement the project and submit a final report

Please implement your project following the procedure and conditions for the relevant program as well as the plan and purpose of your project written in the application form. In principle, you must obtain approval from the Japan Foundation before making any major changes to the plan or postponing/canceling the project. A final report has to be submitted promptly to the Japan Foundation when your project is completed. Please note that grantees in some programs may be asked to report the participants’ questionnaire results, media coverage, and the number of project participants.