Grants / Support

The Japan Foundation, New Delhi offers different types of grant & support programs.

1. The Japan Foundation Headquarters’ Programs
Applications open early October – early December
The Japan Foundation Headquarters’ Grants is administered by The Japan Foundation’s Headquarters in Tokyo. Japan. Applications for the coming Japanese fiscal year (Japanese Fiscal Year, April 1 – March 31) generally open in October of the previous year. All of our Headquarters’ Programs have strict application deadlines which differ from program to programs. Please check carefully individual program information on headquarters website for details.
2. The Japan Foundation, New Delhi’s Grant Programs.

(1)Grant Support for Organizations of Japanese Language Education in India

The Japan Foundation, (JFND) offers various types of grants to non profit Japanese language education institutions in India for  projects which promote Japanese Language Education in India.

This program accepts applications three times a year from Japanese language education institutions and organizations in India depending on the commencing time of the project as specified in the Program Guidelines.

      (i)  1st Deadline 15th August, 2021

       (Project to be implemented from 15th August to 31st October, 2021)

      (ii)  2nd Deadline 15th October, 2021

       (Project to be implemented from 1st November to 31st December, 2021)

      (iii)  3rd Deadline 15th December, 2021

       (Project to be implemented from 1st January to 31st March, 2022)

 Forms and Instructions:

                Program Guidelines 

~Contact person

     Ms. Sonu Gupta

     The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

     5A Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar-IV New Delhi 110024, INDIA

     Tel: +91-11-45588698 / 46065769


(2) Arts and Culture/Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchanges

Available at various times throughout the year.

At the Japan Foundation New Delhi, we are pleased to support events regarding the field of Japanese Culture, and Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchanges.

*Please note that allocations might be exhausted at some time of the fiscal year.

A. Grant Coverage

      (a)The project with travel:

          *Please follow Japan and India’s travel advisories. We will support these projects once the situation  triggered by Covid-19 normalize.

               (i) International flight airfare;

               (ii) Costs for visa application;

                (iii) Accommodation fee

                (iv) Domestic transportation fees in India.

      (b)   The project without travel (e.g. online event, film screening, publication):

                  (i)Honorarium (up to Rs. 10,000);

                 (ii) Venue fee, technical devices rental fee. (if space and technical devices are hired to make a program);

                 (iii)  Screening fee (fee for films related to Japanese culture or by Japanese Directors);

                (iv)  Publication cost (translation fee, paper type setting, plate-making, printing, binding, etc.)

                (v)  Publicity cost (flyer design fee, website maintenance fee, archiving fee related to specific project that is supported);

                (vi)  Administration fee (up to 10% of the total cost, related to projected that is supported)

    B.  Project / Applicant Eligibility

         a. Projects must fulfil the following requirements:

                  i. The project must relate to Japan;

                 ii. The projects mainly target people in India;

                iii. The events as a result of the project must open to public.

         b. Applicants must fulfil the following requirements:

                 i.Individual or Organization based in India;

               ii. Applicants must not be commercial organizations;

              iii. A voluntary organization without legal status

  (Mandatory to attach documentation certifying its establishment <e.g., Articles of Incorporation> to the application form. Additional documents such as Pan card,80G and 12A of Income Tax are also required to attach);

               iv. The receipt of grants or support from the Japan Foundation New Delhi (JFND) must not violate any laws, regulations, or ordinances;

               v. Applicants must have bank accounts in the name of the applicants in order to receive grant money from JFND.

C.   How to Apply

       a. We strongly recommend you to first contact our program officers.

               ~ Contact person: Ms. Shalini Bisht

                 The Japan Foundation, New Delhi

                 5A Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar-IV New Delhi 110024, INDIA

                 Tel: +91-11-45588698 / 46065769


        b. For Arts and Culture and Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchanges projects, please download attached  Application Instruction, Application Form and Terms & Conditions. Fill the Application Form, and send us the application form (original with signature is required). Read Terms& Conditions carefully.

        c. Submitted applications will be judged in our office and decisions will be communicated

D.  Implementing Procedure

        a.  A notification letter of acceptance will be sent to the selected applicants. After reading the conditions, please notify the Japan Foundation of your acceptance using the designated form.

        b. Please implement your project following the procedure and conditions for the relevant program as well as the plan and purpose of your project written in the application form. In principle, you must obtain approval from the Japan Foundation before making any major changes to the plan or postponing/canceling the project.

        c. A final report has to be submitted promptly to the Japan Foundation when your project is completed. Please note that grantees in some programs may be asked to report the participants’ questionnaire results, media coverage, and the number of project participants.