1. Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

2. Online Japanese Language Teacher’s Training Program

3. Supporting Japanese Language Teachers and Learners at Secondary Schools

4. JF Koza: Japanese Language and Culture Course

5. Useful Links for Japanese Language Teachers and Learners


Japanese-Language Education Overseas
The more people learn Japanese, the deeper their understanding of Japan becomes

Learning a language bestows a greater understanding and familiarity towards the culture of the target language. The Japan Foundation supports Japanese-language education around the world to ensure that people get the proper environment and quality of education.

Programs include organizing the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, developing teaching materials, supporting Japanese courses, dispatching Japanese-language specialist to overseas and providing training programs for Japanese-language teachers, as well as conducting worldwide surveys to meet the needs of all students and teachers of Japanese-language education. Also, at the Japan Foundation, New Delhi, we have our own Japanese-language courses being conducted throughout the year.