Hiragana Association Method (連想法

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About association method:                                                                                                                                                

Hiragana association method is a method in which hiragana letters and drawings are superposed in a way which makes hiragana’s shape and its reading easy to remember.

Until now, this method was used using English, Korean and Thai etc. But, for the first time we made its Hindi version.

For example, Teacher will show a drawing such as owl “ullu” as shown in the image in the left side, then he will ask the students “what is this” in Hindi, and then the students will answer ullu. Teacher will point at letter “う”, introduce It by saying (this isうas in Ullu).

We might not be conscious of this when we are remembering hiragana letters but during that time we are remembering both sound and its shape. Actually learning both of them at the same time is difficult task but, by using this association method we can lighten that burden. By using this method you can memorize 46 hiragana characters in 40-50 mins.


Note- Please print out the cards in a way that “image cards” comes in front and the same hiragana symbol comes in back.

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Created by-  Chisato Murakami                              Illustration by-  Asako Yokochi

                    Hiroshi Okuyama                                Graphics by- Gulika D Bherwal

                    Stuti Thapliyal                                                        Ameep Singh

                     Yasujiro Takei

Teacher in video-  Nitasha Sharma



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