The Japan Foundation, New Delhi is conducting (ONLINE) Japanese language teachers training program for Japanese language teachers.

This program is conducted using LMS (Language Management System), online system software    which is used in managing various training programs.  While sitting at home one can participate in the training program conducted by the Japanese Language Experts in Delhi.

This online system enables teachers to participate in the classes and gives an opportunity to communicate with the Japanese language instructors and other participants using BBS (Bulletin Board System), chatting etc.

The Japan Foundation will upload lessons on the video sharing website.  It gives a unique opportunity to watch these lessons later whenever one wants.

So far we had conducted online classes for Delhi, NCR, Gujarat and Rajasthan region. We are also exploring other regions to launch this program.



  1. Activities for Schools (teaching Japanese):
  • A school visit by Japanese Language Experts to observe the Japanese language classes.
  • Interaction with the students.
  • Conduct various training programs for teachers to enrich their Japanese language teaching methodology.

2.  Introduce cultural activities like:

  • Origami,
  • Making of Japanese toys etc.


3. Quiz Programs

  • To explore facts, wonders and unknown aspects of Japan.