Program Name:Training Programs for Leading Teachers of the Japanese-Language Graduate Program on Japanese Language and Culture (Master’s Course)

Participant Name: Ms. Divya KULSHRESTH

Organization Name: Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra

Year of Participation: FY2013-2014


 This program conducted jointly by Japan Foundation and the National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies, has been an extremely fulfilling and enriching experience for me, both as a Japanese language teacher as well as an individual. During this one year, I learnt many new things in the field of Japanese language education, right from the teaching methodology to the linguistic knowledge, to the language-related theories. Each and every experience has broadened my vision, enhanced my knowledge and taught me to look at things in a critical and analytical manner, which will help me in not just my career but also in my self-development as an individual.

 We studied in classrooms, paid visit to the education Ministry, various reputed universities, academic meets, and learnt not just about new and innovative methods of teaching the language, but also experienced the know- how of conducting workshops, presentations and academic meets. Most importantly, we learnt about conducting research on a problem. It taught us to analyze the problem, experiment on possible solutions and finally find our own solutions to the problem. This has given me the confidence to henceforth identify the Japanese language-related problems of my students as well as my fellow teachers, and search out their solution by myself, rather than depending on others or putting up helplessly with the existing situation. Through this I I hope and wish to be able to contribute largely to the improvement and betterment of the Japanese Language Education in my country in future.