Program Name Japanese-Language Program for University Students

Participant Name: Mr. Kumar Mani Ratnam

Organization Name: Centre for Japanese, Korean& North Eastern, SLL&CS, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi

Year of Participation: 2013-2014


These 6 weeks of the training program was a very good learning experience for me. I was able to deepen my knowledge about Japanese society and culture. This program was also special for the fact that I was not only able to know more about Japan, but also got to know about different countries from my friends from different countries. From doing classes to going for study trip together were great fun.

This program will give a great help for me in the future, as it has helped me to understand the Japanese society and culture matter.

As I intend to do research on Japanese society and culture in japan. I will not have problem in terms of food on interaction with other Japanese people. Further, through this program I also learnt how to give speeches and presentation in Japanese and things which one should take care of while giving speech on a presentation. For example, the convert expression, structure, how to stand on end a speech. So all these things will really be a great help from me in my studies or when I start working.

When I returned, I sheared my experience with my classmates and they were really excited to know what all I did. I told them about facilities and what all I did apart from studies. Few of my classmates who want to study in Japan were all more determined to go to Japan. They were also impressed my listening to speeches and presentation I gave in Japan and the pictures of cultural activities and study trips.