Program NameJapanese-Language Training Programs in Japan (High School Students)

Participant Name: Ms. Ananya AGARWAL

Organization Name: Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram, Delhi

Year of Participation: 2014-2015


This two week program has contributed immensely to my learning of the Japanese language while I also enjoyed myself to the fullest. I learnt many new Japanese words and phrases and the kansai dialect (おおきに,わからへん,なんぼ, あかん) and also learn about their culture. For example- the Japanese art of weaponless self defence (あいき じゅうじつ) and Japanese drums (わだいこ) and visited many temples. I also ate a lot of delicious Japanese food that I liked very much( おこのみやき, てんぷら, さしみ, うどん, そば, らめん, もみじ まんじゅう).

The high school visit in Japan was a wonderful experience. I attended their classes, including their English class. The education system there is very different from the education system in my school. The students clean their classes, are allowed to wear home clothes to school and can also carry their phones to school which is not allowed in my school. The high schools in Japan have tests only 5 times a year whereas in my school, we have tests every Monday with exams twice a year. I also had the chance to interact with many Japanese people and understand the language. This would be of great help to my further learning of Japanese language as I wish to study in Japan after finishing school.

I shared this wonderful experience with my class mates in the Japanese language class by showing them photographs and also by giving them the souvenirs I had bought for them. This inspired them a lot as some of them even applied for another cultural program to Japan. I also shared the experience with my family and made okonomiyaki from the ingredients set that I had bought for them from Japan. They all liked it very much.

During the course of the program I grew very close to the people in the program, specially my host family. I certainly miss all of them very much and would like to visit Japan again soon, learn as much as possible and better my understanding of the language and culture. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life.