Program NameJapanese-Language Training Programs in Japan (High School Students)

Participant Name: Ms. Debangana BHATTACHARYA

Organization Name: Visva-Bharati (Patha-Bhavana), Shantiniketan West Bengal

Year of Participation: 2014-2015


This programme helps me in learning Osaka-Ben which is different from Tokyo-ben. If we did not learn it, I think we faced troubles in Osaka.

The class of useful websites was also an important class. Now, after returning to our country, we can use that websites for studying Japanese language.

The class of ‘Ikebana’ and ‘ikijitsu’ were also interesting and useful. Through these classes we learnt about the Japanese flower arrangement (Ikebana) and Japanese self-protecting style (Ikijitsu).

In these ways, this programme helps us to know & learn more about Japanese culture and society, Here I would like to say that Osaka orienting and homestay helps us to know about Japanese culture and customs. Moreover, according to me, this programme is very much contributive to my post programme learning of Japanese language.

After returing from Japan, I shared some of my pleasant experiences with my classmates. I told them about Shika (Japanese deer),  Japanese toilet, Nara’s Daibutsu-sama (The statues of the great Buddha in Todaiji temple), Hiroshima Museum, High-school visit, home-stay, Osaka orienting etc. They are deeply inspired to listen to my experiences. For this, they also want to go to Japan and want to go to Japan and want to see and feel which I mentioned them. Last of all, they commented that this programme is very much enjoyable, surprising and educational too.