Program Name Japanese-Language Program for University Students

Participant Name: Ms. Dipali Maruti HANGE

Organization Name: Tilak Maharashra University, Pune Maharashtra

Year of Participation: 2013-2014

  It was my 1st foreign trip. I was very nervous. I felt so great when I reached Japan. Really it was a very great experience. Our centre was very beautiful located in Kansai region.

   I enjoyed activities like tea ceremony, Ikebana, Yukata, wadaiko, etc. In the classes I studied cross culture discussions, information about Japan and other countries, Manga language, etc. Classes gave me self confidence it improved my vocabulary and grammar. I made very good friends from all over the world; still we are in touch with each other.

   Other than this I travelled a lot in Nara, wakayama, Kyoto, Osaka, kobe, etc. These trips gave me a lot knowledge about traditional Japan, food habits, Temples, Japanese people, Japanese homes, Family relations, etc. I liked Todaji in Nara, Kinkakuji in Kyoto, and structure of 173floor Sky building in Osaka. I learned some words of Osaka style Japanese language which was very interesting.

   In India I was shy to talk in front of people but in Japan I learned how to give presentation successfully. I wondered that Japanese people also believe in God like me. Sincerity and politeness of Japanese people, their hand working nature touched my heart.

Thanks for giving me this lifetime experience which I never forget.