Program NameJapanese-Language Program for University Students

Participant Name: Ms.Machnurkar Prachi Jayant

Organization Name: Department of Foreign Languages , University of Pune, Pune, Maharashtra

Year of Participation: 2013-2014


   I learned various things about Japanese language at Japan Foundation, Japanese Language Institute, Kansai between the periods of 7th May to 20th June. The method of studying Japanese language which I had learned before going to Japan and after going to Japan is different. Before going to Japan, conversation practice was very less and I hadn’t experienced presentation. After going to Japan, I studied way of discussion, speech, interview etc. At the class of discussion, we discussed about various topics. I gave my opinion on that topic and also heard opinion of other country’s students. After discussing the topics, we summerised opinions and presented in class. I also learned various things about how to give a good speech. I learned how to greet before starting and after ending speech and how to write speech in detail. It will help me in future while doing discussion and speech.

Before going to Japan, I attended the interview but I hadn’t experienced, how to take interview. I learned the way of how to take interview and how to greet at interview in the interview class. I would like to take interview in my college also.

Well, I also learned variety of Japanese language. There was youngsters words, Kansai words etc. in Japanese language variety class. After learning these varieties, I found Japanese language more interesting. While continuing Japanese language in future, I will use previous experience which I had experienced in Japan.


Well, I shared my experience of these 6 weeks in Japan with my friends. After hearing my experience, my friends also found it interesting. They said that they will also use this method while studying Japanese language. They also wanted to study in Japan.

These 6 weeks was very nice and interesting. I have gained a lot of experience that will help me in future.