Program Name:Short-Term Training Program for Foreign Teachers of the Japanese-Language

Participant Name: Ms. Ruchie Bhalla

Organization Name: St. Mary School, Delhi

Year of Participation: FY2013-2014


I got the opportunity to participate in The Teachers Training Program  at The Japan Foundation, Japanese Language institute at Urawa, Japan. There was a group of 53 teachers from all over the globe. There was so much to learn that even 2 months seemed  to be a short period.

We learnt about various teaching methodologies, grammar, children’s games, calligraphy etc. We had a Ist hand experience of Japanese culture. We visited a high school and a junior school  to learn about the education system of Japan. We also got the opportunity to watch Sumo wrestling, Kabuki, Tea ceremony etc. We went to many places for excursions. Moreover, learning cultures of different countries and learning new vocabulary, homestay, singing Japanese songs, doing origami and playing games was all a great learning experience. I am extremely convinced with the Japanese culture, technology and their concern for the environment.

This training provided me with a lot of learning and ability to do better in my field. I would like to share whatever I learnt and experienced during the Teacher’s Training Program with my students as far as possible.

I look forward to the opportunity of attending the program again.