Program Name:Short-Term Training Program for Foreign Teachers of the Japanese-Language

Participant Name: Ms. SUSMITA BANERJEE

Organization Name:  DPS Marti Kunj, Gurgaon, Haryana

Year of Participation: FY2013-2014


A dream comes true by being selected by Japan Foundation and invited by the Govt. of Japan to attend the 2 months teachers training in Japan. After 19 years in the same institute where I stayed for a gift trip being an outstanding student in 1994. Some teachers and staff were the same . It was a great pleasure meeting them.

Haru Tanki Kyoushi Kenshhu – This training programme was indeed a great help to teachers  of Japanese language as we learnt interesting  methodologies and experienced many cultural and social activities like Tea-Ceremony, Calligraphy, Kabuki theatre. Kimono Kitsuke etc.

Every Monday – Friday from 9.30 a.m– 4.00 p.m we had lectures, presentations and grammar lessons.  On Saturdays and Sundays we were allowed to travel on our own. Every Monday we had to give a written report on what we observed, what we liked or disliked about Japan’s social life , our interaction with Japanese people and what made us surprised most.

The most striking thing in Japan is technology. Be it a car parking lot or a cycle stand , the vending machines, the umbrella stand or the main entrance of a building , or any auditorium . The Bullet trains , the express trains and the normal trains all are maintained well . I personally feel that Japan’s beauty is the most striking feature. Be it a house or a hotel it is surrounded by flowers and trees . The roadsides too are full of seasonal flowers . Every nook and corner is taken care of and beautified. The Japanese people’s punctuality, perseverance ,calmness and zeal to work has inspired me much.