Program Name:Short-Term Training Program for Foreign Teachers of the Japanese-Language

Participant Name: Ms.Uttara Sarkar

Organization Name: The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture School of Languages, Kolkata.

Year of Participation: FY2013-2014


I had many good experiences during the Japanese language teachers’

training programme in Japan last year. I consider myself very lucky to have had a number of good teachers there who guided us in learning the Japanese grammar, vocabulary,speech etc.. The teacher who had the most impact on me was Atsuki Sensei.

The trip was a good opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to learn about their culture,religion etc.. We worked together as a team and I really enjoyed myself.

At the end of the trip we travelled to Kyoto,Osaka and Hiroshima where I visited many famous places, tasted various kinds of foods and tried to see how each place was unique.

And we had Matsui Sensei who tried her level best to make our whole 7 week long trip enjoyable,comfortable and safe.

I am very thankful to Japan Foundation for arranging such a memorable trip as well as to my language teaching institute that recommended me for this programme.

Thanking you.