The Japan Foundation New Delhi organizes symposiums, conferences and collaborative projects to deepen dialogue among experts in Japanese Studies and International Relations, in addition to supporting institutions and individual scholars for their study in this field and research work. It also works to promote the formation of personal networks with the aim of solving global issues.


Young Scholars Forum

The Young Scholars’ Forum is an initiative which The Japan Foundation New Delhi has started in collaboration with Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations. ICRIER to encourage the young researchers in India to present, articulate and share their outlook, experiences and findings in the field of Japanese Studies through a common platform. It also serves the purpose of sharing the knowledge of Japanese Studies among experts as well as non-experts and provides a space for feedback and generation of new perspectives.



The HANDs! Project is a human resource development program sponsored by the Japan Foundation Asia Center. The Project was created as a place for mutual learning, sharing knowledge, and cooperating to solve problems for disaster prevention and support for disaster-affected areas, primarily in Asian countries.

Currently, youth with a strong interest in disaster prevention are selected once a year from nine countries including Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Cambodia, and Japan for training. By our target date of 2020, we will produce many new leaders who will cultivate disaster prevention and support activities for disaster-affected areas in the Asian region and build a network that transcends national borders.

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The EYES Project is a collaborative project that draws together strategists involved with diversity in Asia, primarily in South and Southeast Asia. This is a platform to learn about the diversity in their respective countries, understand and analyze local problems, and propose solutions to those problems.

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