India-Japan Dialogue Lecture Series 2012-13

1. “Unknown India-Japan Relationship: Chuta Ito’s Quest in India and Modern Japanese Architecture”
     by Dr. Brij Tankha (13/08/2012)

2. “Hindi and Japanese: Perspectives from Contrastive Linguistics and Linguistic Typology”
    by Dr. Miki Nishioka (14/09/2012)

3. “What is Yokai : Japanese Monsters and Ghosts” by Prof. Kazuhiko Komatsu (18/10/2012)

4. “Is Indian Feminism a copy of Western Feminism? : The root of Feminism Movement in India”
    by Ms. Urvashi Butalia (05/12/2012)

5. “Justice Radhabinod Pal and India-Japan Relationship: The Voices of Asian Intellectuals”
   by Dr. Ashis Nandy (18/01/2013)

6. “The Survival of Japanese Monodukuri (Manufacturing): Comparison between Apple and Sony” 
     by Prof. Shozo Saegusa (26/02/2013)


India-Japan Dialogue Lecture Series 2013-14

1. “Japanese Overseas Students in India in 1950s: Experiencing the Journey of Japanese Scholars to India”
    by Prof. Akimasa Miyake (22/04/2013)

2. “The Concept of Amae and Other Developments Concepts: The key to Understand Japanese Society”
     by Dr. Jhuma Basak (17/05/2013)

3. “The Establishment of Modern Women’s Education in Japan: The Life and Work of Umeko Tsuda”
     by Dr. Asmita S. Hulyalkar (23/08/2013)

4. “How much is Japanese Language for ? : Each Language has its Price”
    by Prof. Fumio Inoue (16/09/2013)

5. “Piracy Vis-à-vis Art History” by Prof. Shigemi Inaga (18/10/2013)

6.  “Co-existence of Human and Nature: Problems of today’s Society and Suggestion for New Society
    by Dr. Vandana Shiva (08/11/2013)

7. “Boys and Girls Drawn in Manga” by Ms. Gazala Meena (10/12/2013)