Japan Foundation New Delhi relaunches the Japan Foundation Cinema Club (JFCC) as an active, vibrant and interactive pan-national community of Japanese film aficionados in India.

JFCC aims to achieve the following salient goals:

  1. Create, nurture and cherish a. ever-growing nation-wide community of Japanese film lovers in India;
  2. Develop a central hub for consumers of Japanese film to access any and all information about the cinemas of Japan;
  3. Bring diverse groups of such fans and consumers into close interactions with each other so that meaningful exchanges and relationships are formed;
  4. Cultivate an informed and diverse taste of the several forms of films in Japan from awarded dramas to anime, arthouse to pop culture.


  1. All members should be 15 years of age or above at the time of joining the Club.
  2. There are no charges or fee of any kind for membership of the Club or participation in any of its events. As a non-profit organization, all events of the Foundation & hence Club are completely free.
  3. Members must ensure that their relevant information is always up-to-date in the Club’s database.
  4. Members must produce a valid ID when applying for membership of JFCC.
  5. Members must attend at least TWO club events in a calendar year to continue their membership for next year.
  6. All members must participate in the Club’s activities in a civil and acceptable manner. Cordial and respectful behavior is mandatory at all platforms related to the Club.
  7. Members may cancel their membership at any point with prior information to the Club.
  8. All privileges associated with Club membership are subject to discretion of the Japan Foundation and as such may be terminated or suspended if required in cases of availability issues, special circumstances or emergency.
  9. Japan Foundation New Delhi reserves the right to accept, deny or cancel any membership at any point in time if it is in violation of the Club’s code of conduct or Terms & Conditions. JFND reserves copyrights on all trademarks, logos and assets for JFCC.


  1. All members receive an official unique membership ID. The ID may be digital or physical, based on availability.
  2. Members receive early bird news of any film screening or other related events within the club’s purview, before the general public.
  3. Members will receive assured booking privileges and priority at the annual Japanese Film Festival events, except in special circumstances where the privileges may have to be suspended.
  4. Members will be given priority in any promotional events related to the Club’s screenings or activities.
  5. Members may collect stamps of attending Club events and participate in the annual Club meet where top-tier members receive exclusive prizes for their dedication to the club’s activities.
  6. Members will be able to interact with other members at either onsite in-person events or via the Official Facebook Group (Japan Foundation Cinema Club). The Facebook Group will be the official platform for all members to exchange approved content on Japanese cinema with each other.

To join, please submit your application at: https://forms.gle/892r8VnbrMFn5hEv7

For any queries, write to us at: admin@jfcc.in