–         Please present your valid Library Membership Card upon entering Library.

–         The users will deposit their personal belongings at the property counter against  a token. It is advised that no valuable item, money, identities papers be left in bags. The library will not responsible for any misplaced items on the premises.

–         If the visitor has to deposit the important belongings to the security. Please confirm what item the visitor deposit with security guard.

–         In case the property counter token is lost, the deposited article may be claimed with proper identification after producing a written request.

–         Eatable and drinks are not allowed inside the library.

–         Cell phone must be switched off before entering the library.

–         Damage to, or unauthorized removal of materials constitutes a serious offence and may lead to a fine or disciplinary action.

–          Underlining, writing inside the books or tearing pages are not allowed. Anybody found damaging library books shall have to pay the price of the book plus 30% towards shipment charges and debarred from future entry to the library.

–          Displaying any poster or putting any publicity Boucher is not allowed without the permission of Librarian.

–         In case of any misdemeanor, the Director of the Japan Foundation or the library staff is authorized to evict the concerned person.

–         Please maintain a quiet atmosphere in the library.

–         Personal computer or laptop is not allowed in the library.

–         Library cards are not transferable.

–         Library resources must be borrowed before leaving the library. Un-borrowed items taken beyond the electric gate are considered stolen. Offenders are liable for suspension and stern disciplinary action. Even in the first beep of electric gate, you should give apologies late. In the second beep, we reserve the right to cancel your membership.

 Loss/ Damage of Library Books

Users are responsible for the material borrowed and will be required to reimburse the loss or damage of the books. Any books lost, spoilt or scribbled inside will have to be replaced by paying the price of the book plus 30% towards shipment charges. One should report the loss/damage of the material in using the designated form available at the library counter.

Loss of Membership Card

In order to prevent any misuse, loss of membership card must be reported immediately in writing to the librarian in a prescribed form available at the library counter. A new card shall be issued on payment of Rs.10/- after one week from the date of loss has been reported. In case the user does not report the loss of membership card to the librarian, the library shall not be responsible for issuing the books on the lost card and the card holder shall hold responsible of reimbursing the cost of the books borrowed with his/her lost card.