Reference Services

The library provides reference services for the collection and research information related to Japan and international cultural exchange. Requests are accepted by telephone, fax and e-mail.

Borrowing Books

– Library members can borrow the books, back volumes of journals/ magazines, manga & CDs.

– Reference books in the reference shelves (For Reference books, RR has been written on the spine level of the Books) and the latest magazines/ newspaper, DVDs cannot be borrowed.

– The borrower of the library must return the books within the due date. In case of default, a fine of Rs.10 /- will be charged per day up to thirty (30) days from the due date. 

Reservation of Library Books

A library member may reserve one book at a time by registering the details of the required titles in the Book Reservation Form.

If anybody wishes to borrow the document/ books which are out on loan, one can reserve it. Its availability will be informed via e-mail or telephone. Reserved books will be kept at the counter for a period of 4 days from the date it became available. If one does not appear to pick it up within that period, it will be returned to the shelf.

Extension of borrowing period

Member can extend the borrowing period of borrowed books up to another 14 days. This procedure has to be made in person at the counter. Extension is approved only if the book is not reserved by others.

Use of Computer and Audio-visual Material

– Member can access a selection of web sites and reference CD-ROMs.

– Downloading of Images or file is not allowed.

– Use of any external storage media is not allowed.

– Browsing objectionable sites are not allowed.

– Copying of any kind of information from the web and saving it on the hard disk is not allowed.

– For Internet use, using the email and chatting tools are not allowed.


Photocopying facilities are available @ Re.1/- per A4 size exposure. You can copy only printed material by yourself. Photocopy is subject to copyright restrictions. Request may be addressed to the Librarian.